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 Deputy arrested for buying drugs at Cracker Barrel

Memphis police arrested a Shelby County Deputy after he bought Oxycodone from undercover officers, court records said.

Jeffery Crossley, 27, met with the officers to purchase the drugs at the Cracker Barrel on the 6000 block of Shelby Oaks Drive, detectives wrote in the arrest affidavit.

The undercover officers had called Crossley about purchasing the pills after getting tipped off that he was looking to buy some, according to police.

Investigators said Crossley told the detectives he needed to buy pills because his regular supplier had been giving him the run-around for two weeks.

After he purchased five Oxycodone pills from the officers inside the restaurant, he was arrested and charged with Possession of Controlled Substance to Manufacture/Deliver/Sell and Possession of Controlled Substance.

The former charge comes from a recorded conversation where Crossley told police he would have purchased more pills. However, he was expecting a ‘large shipment of Suputex’ which was supposed to arrive on Friday, court records said.

He also said he knew multiple people who would buy drugs from the undercover officer as well, police said.

Crossley has been with the department since 2014.

Inside his car, they found two handguns, various drugs, a radio which belongs to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, and other law enforcement related items, police said.

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