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October 2019

Helping a Friend or Loved One in Jail in Shelby county


If you have a friend or family member in jail for any reason, this can be a stressful time. Even in today’s age, information about their incarceration may be hard to come by at first, and there are several areas of stress that might come into play here beyond the simple distress of having someone [...]

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Selecting the Right Defense Attorney


At All N One Bail Bonds, we’re here to help if you or someone close to you has been arrested. Our team has years of experience assisting clients with the costs and many other concerns that come along with being booked in jail, and this isn’t even the extent of our offerings. In addition, we provide [...]

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Can You Be Held Without Being Charged? What Your Rights Are After an Arrest


Ben is arrested on suspicion of murdering a girl in the town. Ben is held in the county jail for over 24 hours without being charged. When his lawyer arrives, he tells the sheriff that since 24 hours have passed, Ben must either be charged or released. The sheriff promptly charges Ben-who is actually innocent-of [...]

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Tips for When You Get Pulled Over


For anyone, getting pulled over can be a stressful ordeal. Seeing those flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror can cause instant anxiety. And as the police officer approaches your car, you may be asking yourself if you remembered to put the registration paperwork in the glove box. But being pulled over doesn’t [...]

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What You Need to know About Your Miranda Rights


“You have the right to remain silent”-ever heard that before? Every arrest on any self-respecting cop show includes those words, but did you know that the phrase is critical to the legality of an arrest? The phrase is the beginning of the Miranda warning, which protects American citizens and their Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights. [...]

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The Reality Of Bounty Hunting


“Reality TV” bounty hunter shows like ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter,’ and YouTube sensations Patty Mayo and Bounty Hunter D would have you believe that bounty hunting is one long action movie. They chase suspects down in dangerous situations, stake out suspects before “taking them down” and encounter all sorts of exciting situations every single day. [...]

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