Fixing a Broken Jail System

This is not an article about eliminating bail, but this is an article about bail reform – just not the type of reform you might be thinking. Yes, jails are overcrowded – that is undeniable, but the problem is never going to be solved by eliminating a bail system that has worked for decades at a low cost to taxpayers. The criminal justice system is broken and many cities are faced with overcrowded and overburdened court systems. Jails are unable to keep up, budgets are maxed out and legislators are left scratching their heads. So, the knee-jerk reaction is to eliminate bail. Proponents claim that bail is inherently unfair to the poor and promotes a system where a wealthy person can get out of jail simply because they have the means to do so. The problem, though, lies with how bail is being set. Setting bail solely on the crime that is committed does not take into account things like flight risk, previous criminal history or danger to the community. Bail should be set according to risk assessment that takes all of these things into consideration.

Bail is not broken. It is a Constitutional right to those awaiting trial. Eliminating bail creates a bigger problem for an already overburdened system. There is no argument that in some areas of the country, reform must take place, but the reform is in the criminal justice system. A look at how bail is being set is crucial to understanding the problem and finding a solution.

Commercial bondsmen like us “All N One Bail Bonds” provide a crucial role to both those awaiting trial and the criminal justice system. On the one hand, they ease the burden on a defendant or defendant’s family who cannot afford to post the entire bail amount. This ensures a more even playing field between rich and poor. On the other hand, commercial bondsmen take responsibility for a defendant who does not appear at court easing the burden on the courts and local law enforcement without additional cost to the taxpayer.

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