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April 2019

Common Reasons a Person is Denied Bail


In Memphis, when an individual is arrested, bail may be set based on the bail schedule. If bail cannot be set based on the bail schedule, a hearing will be held before a judge and the judge will decide whether to set bail and at what amount or whether to deny bail. There are many [...]

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Determining Bail Amounts


When a person has been arrested in Tennessee, it can help to learn all about the process for getting them released. Having knowledge makes the entire experience less frightening for everyone involved from the person who was arrested to their loved ones. What is Bail? When officials talk about bail, they are referring to the money [...]

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Events After an Arrest: What You Need to Know


Whether you have a warrant out for your arrest or are concerned about the potential arrest of a loved one, take a moment to understand what happens after an arrest in Memphis. A fairly standard series of events will follow an arrest. The details for each step may vary slightly based on the crime and [...]

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Common Questions Asked about Bail Bonds


What is a reinstatement? This is a process by which a defendant who has failed to appear in court can have their bench warrant removed and the bail bond re-activated or “reinstated” with the court. The defendant, working with Aladdin, will report back to the court which allows the court to set a new court [...]

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It Can Happen To Any One – LOOK!


 Deputy arrested for buying drugs at Cracker Barrel Memphis police arrested a Shelby County Deputy after he bought Oxycodone from undercover officers, court records said. Jeffery Crossley, 27, met with the officers to purchase the drugs at the Cracker Barrel on the 6000 block of Shelby Oaks Drive, detectives wrote in the arrest affidavit. The [...]

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