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The inability to post bail in Memphis, TN. is a tough situation. Depending on the circumstances, bail can be very expensive – and if a defendant doesn’t have enough money (even for a bond), they will likely be stuck.  How long they will ultimately stay in jail will depend on the charges, jurisdiction, and the [...]

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How to Speed Up the Bail Process in Memphis


Getting arrested and thrown in jail is not only inconvenient, but it is also embarrassing, scary and frustrating. The good news is that you most likely will not have to stay in jail throughout your court hearings for the charges against you. Instead, you could post bail and get out of jail quickly. The bail [...]

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Bail Bonds Frequently Asked Question | With Answers


Q: What does posting bail really mean? A: Posting bail is cash or a cash alternative that the arrested person presents to the court to make certain that he or she will show up for court. If defendant does not appear for their court date, the court will then keep the bail and release a warrant for [...]

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Determining Bail Amounts


When a person has been arrested in Tennessee, it can help to learn all about the process for getting them released. Having knowledge makes the entire experience less frightening for everyone involved from the person who was arrested to their loved ones. What is Bail? When officials talk about bail, they are referring to the money [...]

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